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Local people hold the key to healthy forests, and  healthy forests are the source of our lives. By empowering those communities who protect the forest, we can secure a healthier future for all.

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About the Forum

The forests of the Asia-Pacific are among the most beautiful, diverse and abundant in the world. Around half of ASEAN territory is officially designated forest land. But we are losing round 1.4 million hectares a year, which threatens the very base of the system that supports us all.

We all have a responsibility to foster innovations and take meaningful actions to support forest communities and restore forest ecosystems. We must reconnect with the forest.

During Forests are Us: Why Forests Matter, we will explore how we are intricately connected to the forest and to those who preserve it. We will also hear from experts on how we can help contribute to the sustainable management of such a necessary aspect of our life.

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Event Flyer

People and Forests Forum 2018

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Concept Note

People and Forests Forum 2018

Poster (EN)

People and Forests Forum 2018

Forum Events

Through an open and interactive structure, the forum aims to accomplish the following.

  • We will present examples of how community forestry enables sustainable forest management and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Participants can showcase their own knowledge and experience while also learning new initiatives

  • Networking will connect you with new and existing communities that are exploring ways of using resources more sustainably

  • Participants can help co-create innovative ways to ensure the sustainable use of our resources

Sunday, 19 August
Suanplern Market 
Rama IV Rd., Klongtoey
Open to the public.
Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok
Soi Sukhumvit 24
By invitation only.
Monday, 20 August
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